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  • A story of what we leave behind

    We throw away so much garbage these days that it can make anyone, anywhere getting ready to apologize to mother earth. We have a climate debate that is more topical than ever and just one single household in Sweden throws away around 1,5 tons of garbage each single year. DUDE wants to play a part in the resistance movement. Knowing packaging

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  • Dudie bag

    Say hello to our Dudie bag. The perfect box for gift cards.

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  • 2017 is here!

    2017 is here!  Looking back at 2016, so much has happened! Dude has received several resellers in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, France and Italy. We have built a web shop so you dear followers can buy your Dudies directly. Dudies has appeared in several magazines and blogs. I am thankful for all the help we have received from skilled people making

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